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"Pay-for-play" Peer Review Legislation

Peer review legislation at issue in EPA petition

In a previous posting, reported on concerns voiced by the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) to the Utah Legislature over now-passed SB 110, titled “Water Quality Amendments,” which the EPA warned that SB 110’s peer review proposal violated the Clean Water Act (“CWA”).  In a letter to the Utah Legislature, the EPA noted that SB 110’s plan to subject Utah Division of Water Quality actions to an independent peer review did not comply with the CWA.  The letter further stated

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Utah Lake/Jordan River drainage basin General Adjudication

General Adjudication of water rights in Utah

What is a General Adjudication? General Adjudication is a legal process to determine who has a valid water right, how much water can be used, and who has priority during shortages. Upon a Petition, the State Engineer May Investigate Water Rights and File an Action for General Adjudication Pursuant to Utah Code section 73-4-1, “five or more, or a majority of, water users of a water source” may petition the State Engineer to investigate “the rights of all claimants to the

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Utah Water Law 2016 Final Update

The 2016 General Session of the 61st Utah State Legislature concluded on March 10, 2016.  This year’s legislative session produced a number of Utah water law bills, some of which passed and others that did not.  The following represents a list of those Utah water law bills that were passed into law during the legislative session, as well as a shorter list of those Utah water law bills that did not pass.  In all, the Utah State Legislature considered 19